Ice Driving Experience

We speak english ! 😁

Ice driving experiences in Abondance / French Alps


We speak English ! and we can provide our courses in english. So you are welcome to experience Ice driving on our track.
Since winter 2012/13, there is no use to go in Laponie, we provide ice driving experiences in Abondance in the French Alps, in Haute Savoie. The ice track located in the ski area the Portes du Soleil, 15 minutes from the switzerland border.

« Getting Started » training Porsche 1h30 – 199€

Overview of the basics of driving on ice : braking, slalom & laps.

This course  is a first introduction to driving on ice. Objective : To learn how to stop on a slippery road and successfully take curves safely. Program : Briefing, braking  exercises / driving slalom, track driving with an instructor. Discover all notions of driving on ice: braking, slalom, discovery understeer and oversteer, laps driving with a monitor.

Half Day « Control » training Porsche 3h – 349€

The best Ice driving program ! In half a day, all techniques are seen : braking tips, trajectories, understeer, oversteer, drifting and masses transfers. Unforgettable for a good price ! This course lasts a half day, this is the ideal time to progress.

Program : Briefing,  braking /  driving slalom exercises, understeer and oversteer exercise,  + laps driving with a monitor.

Drive your own car

Program : Briefing with the instructor in order to determine what you want to learn and do on the track. Then you enter the track to take the wheel.

Prices / formulas « Track access + coaching »

30 minutes 60 €
1 hour 100€

Price per car, including access to the ice track and instructor


 Conditions / your car:

  • Stock vehicules only, consistent with road laws, with stock exhaust. (Yes, we’re in a pretty nice resort … we will help to keep it that way!)
  • Snow tires


Groups / professionals

We can organize group trainings up to 25 pers a day. Contact us to receive an offer :